Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pyweek entries

I figured it would be a good idea to post my entries in the biannual Pyweek competition, even though they are not very impressive.

Scions of Darkness was a team entry with some guys who happened to be looking for a musician to add to the team. I felt like trying out my production skills again and made what I think is some passable fantasy-themed music. I also did a little bit of work on the GUI, just simple stuff like generating the images with GIMP and laying it out. The game is really strange, I think the only reason why the art assets are so weird (a snake-thing with wheels?!? Some blue pyramid dude?!?) was because the team wanted to shoehorn the idea they had thought of (RTSish game) into the theme ("twisted").

Robo Wars is a better game which is intended to be sort of a Dice Wars / Risk clone. I only did the music on this one, and because it was techno I think I did a much better job.

CRUSH ALL HUMAN was a solo attempt on my part to create a simple game where you go around a cityscape and... crush human. I feel like I could have really actually made a decent game given two weeks, and I'm really disappointed and a little embarrassed of it in its current state. I think it did help me to just learn more programming stuff, and to learn Panda3D better, though regrettably I don't really use Panda3D anymore. This is in the game category as Yarr Wars: if I went back to the idea and re-did it using what I know now (and more time to do it), I think I could make a pretty cool game.

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