Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pyweek entries

I figured it would be a good idea to post my entries in the biannual Pyweek competition, even though they are not very impressive.

Scions of Darkness was a team entry with some guys who happened to be looking for a musician to add to the team. I felt like trying out my production skills again and made what I think is some passable fantasy-themed music. I also did a little bit of work on the GUI, just simple stuff like generating the images with GIMP and laying it out. The game is really strange, I think the only reason why the art assets are so weird (a snake-thing with wheels?!? Some blue pyramid dude?!?) was because the team wanted to shoehorn the idea they had thought of (RTSish game) into the theme ("twisted").

Robo Wars is a better game which is intended to be sort of a Dice Wars / Risk clone. I only did the music on this one, and because it was techno I think I did a much better job.

CRUSH ALL HUMAN was a solo attempt on my part to create a simple game where you go around a cityscape and... crush human. I feel like I could have really actually made a decent game given two weeks, and I'm really disappointed and a little embarrassed of it in its current state. I think it did help me to just learn more programming stuff, and to learn Panda3D better, though regrettably I don't really use Panda3D anymore. This is in the game category as Yarr Wars: if I went back to the idea and re-did it using what I know now (and more time to do it), I think I could make a pretty cool game.

Friday, January 23, 2009

music @

I figured I might as well post all my creative pursuits in one place. Once upon a time, I produced techno. I made all sorts of stuff, but the only stuff I felt satisfied with were some downtempo and breaks tracks. I have had them sitting around on and InternetDJ for awhile now, but for streaming pleasure you can listen to it at TheSixtyOne.

If anyone actually reads this, please feel free to comment on it, and give any criticism or advice, either from a listener or producer's perspective.