Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yarr Wars!

This is Yarr Wars.

It's the culimation of a project I did for an AI and an OpenGL course back in college. The OpenGL course was taught by Dave Dobson, of Snood fame; Sorry about the name-dropping. Just so you know, he usually likes to play FPSes, not puzzle games!

It tries to create a somewhat interesting environment that's not player-centric. I half-assed a lot of things and it was a good learning experience in the fact that I should A) be more careful about the way I design systems, with an idea of its eventual uses and B) try to use data-driven classes a bit more in the future, since using just static c++ classes can cause some headaches when you want a flexible, extensible system.

You can download it here: (Windows EXE)

Please remind me to clean the source just the tiniest bit (because I'm far too lazy to really 'clean' it all up, meaning removing all the silly hacks) and release it under the GPL.

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